ANDREA PADOVANI -  Whistler / Cortes island BC, CANADA
original oil paintings | oil pastels | crayons | watercolors | ink | & other mixed media

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'Soon to be Home' your paintings bought in BergenNh at Gallery Obsession of Art accompanied me and will do my whole life. Warm greetings from the Netherlands, just moved to my new home, May 2022.
Annemarie M. Schaacke - 15 May 2022
My husband and I purchased one of your paintings while we were on our honeymoon in Maui in 2002. It has always held pride of place in our living room and makes us happy every time we look at it.
Jessica Volchok - 6 Jul 2020
Many times a day the color and warmth of your paintings give me pause to smile as I move about my home.... lucky enough to have a number throughout and so satisfied that in over 20 years I have never once wished for new 'tenants' to take their place. The competition outside my windows is a worthy competitor and while my attention is equally drawn, it is your paintings that bring me joy.
kelly taylor - 23 Jun 2019
ho scritto tempo fa una pagina sul suo lavoro, visionata con una certa frequenza sul mio sito Artonweb Vedo che la sua ricerca procede con coerenza e passione, apprezzo da sempre la sua pittura (specie di interni)e sono letteralmente affascinata dalle atomosfere sospese e magiche che si respirano nei suoi ambienti. Complimenti ed auguri. Vilma Torselli
vilma torselli - 30 Dec 2018
We bought 2 of your wonderful paintings 10 or so years ago in Carmel, California where we grow grapes for wine. They are so wonderful and your later paintings are so intriguing. We also have a home in Tuscany and I am very interested to see your archive of paintings of Italy. Is this possible? You have enriched and brightened our lives. Thank you for sharing your gift of painting with us. Kx
Kathe Dyson - 31 May 2016
Andrea, I'm happy in a peacefull way looking at your visions in life. It captives so much more than words can say. I Always said: music is my first love..Now I think you're works fill me even with more love. Thank you so much...Ine
Ine de Hoogh - 4 Aug 2014
1.000% Inspiration and Energy. Beautiful: love at first site!
Mieke Pennock - 11 Jul 2014
Ciao Andrea,fai dei bei lavori. Complimenti Mi piacciono molto luci intense e colori.. (ho sentito parlare di te e dopo una breve ricerca su internet..) Ciao
Jacopo - 21 Mar 2013
I first fell in love with your work in 98 down in New Orleans, I purchased the painting "Sardegna" and love it every day, so excited to hopefuly soon purchase another one of your wonderful works of true art!
Lela Estrada - 26 Jun 2012
LOVE LOVE your new work!!! I need more walls!!! :) Cheers
Anita Grouindwater - 12 May 2012
caro Andrea , sono passati alcuni anni dal nostro soggiorno a vancouver e alle nostre frequentazioni . Ho per caso visto la tua mostra a veerona , in italia, dove ero in compagnia dei miei sudenti turchi. Continuo ad apprezzare il tuo lavoro pittorico e mi affascinano le tue angolature e i tuoi colori liquidi con affetto e ammirazione donata p.s. speriamo di rivederci dal vivo
donata lonardi sarti - 13 Apr 2011
C'era una scala, vecchia, dimenticata. Poi ad un tratto l'ho rivista, in un tuo catalogo. E ho ritrovato una parte di me.
Michela Schenato - 8 Apr 2011
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Billy Hanson - 25 Mar 2011
I can't agree more with Cathy's statement. Phenomenal work... If we wanted to purchase a piece for the office, where can we go? Thanks from all of us at - 3 Nov 2010
Andre: Two of my artists friends and myself visited your exhibit at the Harbour Gallery Friday night...we LOVE your work, you are extrodinarily talented with your colours and freedom of brush strokes. I can hardly wait to go back! Cathy
cathy clark - 24 Oct 2010
Just saw one of your paintings in the Globe and Mail--really like your work. The colours are so vibrant.
Margot Kyle - 16 Oct 2010
sono tra i fortunati che ogni giorno possono godere della contemplazione di due tuoi quadri "while driving" regalatomi da g.b.zanatta nel 99 e di una "doccia" acquistata a verona nel tuo studio..... che spettacolo !! enrico mantovanelli verona italy
enrico mantovanelli - 5 Jul 2010
Andrea, ho visto tua raccolta di quadri tanti anni fa in una villa a vicino di Verona. Era sbalordinata. La padrone ha regalato me tuo catalogo.Tu sei pittore pui grande in secolo! Reznik Marina 16 feb 2010
Reznik Marina - 16 Feb 2010
you own my heart andrea, i am addicted to your brilliance, past and present. new york is waiting. never stop, never compromise. your genius has filled my world with passion on canvas and brightens every day. best always andrea, joanna
joanna - 31 Jan 2010
Caro Andrea sono Carla, amica della tua mamma e di tua zia Carla: Ho visto i tuoi ultimi lavori collegandomi con il sito e ti faccio i miei complimenti: Ottimi. Accarezzano la vista e il cuore
Carla Aggio - 29 Jan 2010
The New York show is stunnung work Andrea, wishing you great success in this new venture. n
Nattalia Hadden - 27 Jan 2010
Beautiful and honest work Andrea.
Joe Cash - 9 Nov 2009
We have seen some of your earlier works in Lake Geneva, WI and found it very interesting.
Eva Nicholson - 5 Jul 2008
Your paintings move with the each stroke of the brush forever. They do no rest, yet are peaceful and private. Thank you for your Art. Collector, fan, and friend, Rebecca Dawson
Rebecca Dawson - 24 Jun 2008
I saw your work in Lahaina, Maui at the Images Fine Art Gallery while I was there for a wedding! My friend and I loved your work! Thanks..Shannon
Shannon Leddy - 9 Jun 2008
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